“This Memorial Day, remember me: the fallen warrior.
And remember me not for my sake – but for yours.
Remember what I sacrificed so you can truly appreciate the incredible treasures you have: Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness.
You have the joys of life, the joys that I gave up, so that you can relish in them:
A cool wind in the air.
The gentle spring grass on your bare feet.
The warm summer sun on your face.
Family. Friends. And freedom.
Never forget where it all came from.
It came from sacrifice: The supreme sacrifice.
Don’t waste it. Don’t waste any of your time on this earth.
Live a life that honors the sacrifice of our fallen heroes.
Remember them always. And make every day… Memorial Day.”
-Jocko Willink

To read this powerful column in its entirety, click on this or do a google search for “Jocko Willink remember.”  It’s available in written form or as a podcast.