Why Weller?

Simply put, we are dedicated to our craft and our customer.  We have a passion for providing quality product at a fair price and getting it to you quickly in order to keep you and your customers on the road.  In addition to our unsurpassed distribution model, quality product, and customer focus, there are many reasons to choose Weller.  See below to learn what Weller can offer you.

Distribution Like No Other

Simply put, our distribution model is second to none in our industry. Unlike our competition, WELLER can get our product to you or your repair facility in less time than any other remanufacturer in the country. Our goal is less down time for you – Same day/Next day. With so many locations to serve you across the United States, we are your source for quality remanufactured heavy-duty driveline components.


There is a difference between a rebuilt unit and a remanufactured unit. Unlike rebuilt units that have simply had their broken parts replaced, WELLER proudly remanufactures our components through a stringent process of complete disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly with quality inspected components. We remanufacture our units to meet or exceed the Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) specification. We are proud to say that because of our excellent attention to detail and quality, our warranty rate is the lowest in our history even as we have been growing production. Can the competition say that?

A Partner You Trust

When you’re trying to keep your customer's trucks on the road, you need a partner you can trust.  Weller is driven to be the best in the industry always seeking out ways to improve our processes and partnerships.  The fact is, we enjoy our work and we are passionate about providing quality product in stock where and when you need it.

More Reasons to Choose Weller Truck Parts

We love being part of your community. WELLER has local sales and support agents that know the product and, just as important, our customer. We offer support before the sale and will stay with you after the sale to ensure your satisfaction. When you call the Weller store nearest you, you are speaking to a sales or support agent in your area. He or she knows the area in which you or your customer are driving their truck. They know the weather, they know the terrain, and they know you can’t afford to have a truck down. WELLER’s local agents are on your side and will do everything they can to get you or your customer back on the road as quickly as possible.
We’ll get your product to you as soon as we can via our fleet of delivery vehicles. Our goal is always your complete satisfaction with our product as well as our service. Part of reaching that goal is fast local delivery. In addition, we will pick up the core at no charge to you.

There’s no need for you or your customer to have money sitting on a shelf as an unused part. Our Unit Down Service allows you to focus on your business; WELLER will focus on stocking the product you need and getting it to you quickly. WELLER can get our product to you or your repair facility in less time than any other remanufacturer in the country. Our goal is less down time for you – Same day/Next day. With 34 locations to serve you across the United States, WELLER can be your parts warehouse.

We’ve built our reputation on Service & Quality. WELLER seeks to remanufacture every part of your driveline perfectly. We do, however, live in an imperfect world. If you do have a problem with one of our parts we absolutely stand behind our product and will work with you to find a resolution. What’s more, our technical support is available to customers and non-customers alike. We understand the challenge of accurately diagnosing a failure and the cost involved.  After all, the longer you are down the more you lose money. For these reasons, WELLER offers an accurate technical diagnosis on all product lines regardless of the place of purchase. If they won’t take care of you, WELLER will.
WELLER has the largest Inventory in North America and includes all makes and models, not just the most common movers.
Our extensive distribution, large inventory, local sales and support, delivery and pickup, and technical support makes doing business with WELLER easy.
We ship 99% of our sales same day. As always, our goal is less down time for you, so shipping same day gets you or your customer back on the road sooner. It’s just another way that WELLER strives to exceed your expectations.
Are you passionate about working with a team to innovate and grow? Weller Truck Parts is 100% Associate Owned, which means that our team members have stock in the company. Join our Team!