Weller I-Shift® Bundle


What is the Weller Reman Bundle?

Receive an enhanced 2 year total warranty on your transmission when you bundle a WELLER Reman
transmission, clutch components, and approved lubricant. Standard warranties apply on individual purchase of the transmission and clutch components.

Choose WELLER and get legendary support for Maximum UpTime!

I Shift

Step 1: Select a Reman Transmission

Choose the right WELLER Reman I-Shift for your application. With a complete offering across all models and generations, WELLER has the transmission for your truck in stock and ready to ship the same day.

Clutch Actuator

Step 2:   Add Clutch, Clutch Actuator (CCA), Clutch Valve Unit (CVU)

Your Automated Manual Transmission is a precision electronic device. Do not compromise the integrity of the repair with cheap alternatives. Trust quality New and Reman Clutch Components from WELLER. With countrywide availability of all necessary components, replacement of the Clutch, Clutch Actuator, and Clutch Valve Unit are all critical for a remanufactured I-Shift overhaul. They are also required to activate a full 2 year warranty with the WELLER I-Shift Bundle. (Standard warranties apply for purchase of individual components)

Volvo Lube

Step 3: Fill with Approved Lubricant

Volvo® 97318 or 97319 specification 75W-80 or 75W-90 are a premium full synthetic, heavy duty, automated manual transmission fluids formulated specifically for use in trucks with Volvo I-Shift or Mack® mDRIVETM transmissions. With a 500,000 mile drain interval, using approved lubricant in your WELLER Reman transmission delivers extended service life and promotes good fuel economy.





Note: Warranty is not transferable from the originally registered vehicle. Incorrect installation procedures including re-use of defective TECU, or failure to perform correct TECU re-learn procedure will void warranty. Offer excludes "F" Generation Models. For TECU programming software, visit www.premiumtechtool.com.

Features and specifications listed in this document are subject to change without notice and represent the maximum capabilities of the software and products with all options installed. Although every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained within, Weller does not make any representation about the completeness, correctness or accuracy and assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions. Features and functionality may vary depending on selected options. Volvo, I-Shift, Mack, mDRIVE are registered trademarks of Volvo. All trademarks, logos and copyrights are those of their respective owners.

WELLER Reman Transmission, Clutch, and Volvo-Approved Lube Warranty Registration Form

Use this form to activate additional one year warranty on a Heavy-duty WELLER Reman transmission when paired with Approved Clutch components, and Volvo Approved Lubricant (WELLER Reman Bundle Warranty). Registration for additional warranty must be completed/submitted within 60 days of retail sale of bundled products. WELLER Reman Bundle Warranty Instructions:

1. Qualifying Products are: Weller Reman iShift Transmission, Genuine Volvo or Eaton Clutch, Genuine Volvo or
Weller Reman Clutch Actuator (CCA), Genuine Volvo Clutch Valve Unit (CVU) and Volvo 97318 or 97319 Approved
lubricant. Products are available through Weller Truck Parts but may be sourced through Volvo/Mack channels.
2. Purchase of Weller Reman iShift transmission, Genuine Volvo or Eaton Clutch, Genuine Volvo or Weller Reman
Clutch Actuator (CCA), Genuine Volvo Clutch Valve Unit (CVU) and Volvo 97318 or 97319 Approved lubricant is
required to activate a full 2 year warranty on Weller Reman iShift Transmission.
3. Please enclose proof of purchase or repair order listing transmission, clutch parts, and lubricant along with this form
to activate the warranty. Registration must be submitted within 60 days of sale.
4. Coverage confirmation will be sent via your preferred method of communication.

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Proof of purchase/Repair order must have transmission, clutch, and lubricant in order to activate the warranty.
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