Training Videos

Weller Truck Parts is interested in your success!  Use these heavy duty truck parts training videos to learn more about the products we remanufacture.  In addition to information about remanufactured heavy duty truck parts like transmissions, differentials, steering gears, driveshafts, ECMs, and other parts, this page contains training videos about the proper installation and configuration of remanufactured driveline components for heavy-duty trucks.  We’re glad you’re here.  If you need additional help, contact us today!

Automatic Transmissions

Remove & Install Allison 1K/2K Valve Body
Record & email Allison DOC Snapshot File
Allison 1K/2K Common Install Failure
Allison 3K/4K Control Module Replacement
Allison 4th Gen Connector Repair
Allison 1K/2K IMS Switch
Repair Allison 80-Way Connector
On-Highway Adaptation Measurement

Automated Manuals

How to remove & Install Volvo iShift TECU

Electronics & Mechatronics

Electronics & Mechatronics Tour

Technical Support

Diagnose Water in Oil
Oil Analysis
Measure U-joint Angles
Match Tandem Drive Axle Tires